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Vlooienburg 1625

This is a model of Vlooienburg 1625, a disappeared neighbourhood of Amsterdam. It is a small part of the virtual model that was originally created for the project ‘diaspora and identity‘, which studied the archaeology and history of the early Jewish daily living practices in Amsterdam. The model shows schematically what Vlooienburg may have looked like in 1625, based on extensive cartographic and iconographic study.

The presentation consists of two virtual environments: an introductory room, and the room with the virtual model. The introductory room is a kind of museum with the spatial design of a synagogue. We use it to introduce the project and the process of creating an historical 3D reconstruction.

The virtual scenes were originally created in collaboration with the XR ERA platform, an academic community around the use of VR and AR technology for research and education.

As server capacity is currently limited, the maximum number of visitors is set to two per room. If you desire to use a room for a larger number of people, contact us. We can temporarily assign you a room with a larger limit.




Jitte Waagen (concept)

Paul Melis (initiative)

Casper van Leeuwen (virtual scene)

Huu-Dat Nguyen (presentation room model)

Tijm Lanjouw (concept, models)

Mattia Lucca (models)

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