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disability and sickness in antiquity

This virtual exhibition was designed as an imaginary ancient Roman street, inspired by Pompeian archaeology. It was created for the Allard Pierson museum, which houses the University’s archaeological collection. The exhibit includes an audio tour about disability and sickness in antiquity and features models of artefacts from the museum.

As server capacity is currently limited, the maximum number of visitors is set to two per room. If you desire to use a room for a larger number of people, contact us. We can temporarily assign you a room with a larger limit.


Note: texts and audio are in Dutch


Geralda Jurriaans-Helle, Laurien de Gelder (concept and narrative content)

Tijm Lanjouw (models and virtual environment design)

Sem de Jong (audio)

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  1. Iris Breetvelt November 13, 2021

    Erg leuk gedaan, deze manier van tot leven brengen van de Romeinse oudheid. Kinderen die games gewend zijn zullen er sneller en makkelijker doorheen navigeren; ik moest nog even wennen.

    • Tijm Lanjouw November 16, 2021 — Post Author

      Bedankt voor je bericht. Het is even wennen, maar na wat oefening gaat het best makkelijk weten we uit ervaring!

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