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excavation at satricum

This is a model of an ancient complex at the archaeological site of Satricum, central Italy. Satricum is renown for its Archaic period (6th c. BC) urban settlement and cemetry, excavated by the University of Amsterdam since the 1980s. In recent years, younger structures have been under excavation. This virtual 3D model is based on drone photography, used to document the excavation. The model was built in 2021 for Dr. Marijke Gnade, director of the project, to host a virtual archaeological presentation about the latest discoveries at Satricum.

As server capacity is currently limited, the maximum number of visitors is set to two per room. If you desire to use a room for a larger number of people, contact us. We can temporarily assign you a room with a larger limit.



Marijke Gnade (project director and concept)

Jitte Waagen (concept)

Mikko Kriek (drone models)

Tijm Lanjouw (virtual scene)

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